Sample research paper on the brief history of distance education

A Brief History of Distance Education

The editorial, titled as “A Brief History of Distance Education”, written by Bizhan Nasseh, a distinguished scholar, provides an informative and enlightening insight into the theme of distance learning. Nasseh highlights the role of communication and underline its significance between a student and teacher. He affirms that communication is a vital element in accomplishing the objectives of distance education successfully. In this paper we strive to discuss some of the interesting and surprising ideas presented in the editorial/article.

Role of Communication

Nasseh firmly believes that communication, supported by the advancements in technology, facilitates paradigmatic shift specifically in the education field. He is of the view that role of media is also significant in assisting and strengthening the relationships between a student and teacher. In order to understand the idea and scheme of distance learning, it is pertinent to explore the history of distance education. As such Nasseh has portrayed the history by providing distinctive evidences from the past. Creative and effective communication, as per Nasseh, establishes the necessary contact in distance learning.

Distance Learning

Distance education is a robust trend in education that supports everyone to acquire education, providing innovative options to learn through better modes. Arguments supported with necessary confirmatory facts have been presented by Nasseh on the topic of distance learning. He praises the roles played by Radio and television in the initial stages of distance learning and asserts that the notion of education by radio proved to be a primary reason for the progress of educational television.

Role of Radio and Television

Bizhan Nasseh believes that radio proved to be supportive enough in developing more association as well as social support for distance learning. After World War II, a specific delivery option in the shape of television was used effectively for correspondence study. Extract of a study conducted in 1956 has been presented in the article. The study concluded that the television instruction is not just a method rather television is an instrument, transmitting instructions from one place to a distant place.

Role of Britain’s Open University

Another interesting discussion in the editorial is about the role of Britain’s Open University in the ultra growth of distance learning education. According to Nasseh, an altogether novel and innovative vision of independence has been brought by the Britain’s Open University in distance learning, distinctive from conventional education. He is of the view that Britain’s Open University has provided the much required respect to the corresponding program globally.

It is pertinent to mention that Britain’s Open University has provided distance learning education to millions of students who, for different reasons of financial obligation, lack of opportunity or class expectations, are unable to follow the conventional university system. By combining videotape, television, printed material and internet, the university has provided different programs of courses to students of different countries and eliminates the international boundaries.


After exploring in depth, the contents of editorial by Bizhan Nasseh, titled as “A Brief History of Distance Education”, it is concluded that the world has swiftly embraced the idea of distance learning. In this regard, we have discussed some interesting ideas presented in the editorial, such as role of communication supported by technology in establishing a contact between teacher and student, development of educational television and creation of a new vision in distance education by Britain’s Open University.

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