Abu Dhabi Public Health Center Speech

Since inception, Islam has honored health as a primary right of every human being, placing it second in importance to one’s faith. We believe that good health is therefore an important requirement which every human being is entitled as it represents one of the biggest blessings of ALLAH (SWT) given to mankind. We recognize that among the divine principles revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw), some of them relate to the physical needs of human life. 
Even as we believe that God is the giver of health (Quran, Yunus:5:7), we acknowledge that we have a role in improving the health and wellbeing of people through putting measures in place that cater to their safety and health needs. 

In harkening to this call, the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center was opened. This marks a monumental step in our collective efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of the Emirate’s population. The people of Abu Dhabi and visitors to this Emirati have a reason to expect good services at the center. The leadership of this Center is very committed to protect health which should be regarded as the most valuable wealth and should therefore be prioritized in development matters. 

By establishing the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, it represents advancement in the improvement of health and the wellbeing of the people. This will be realized through identifying the health needs of the Emirate’s population, creating the policies and the requisite strategies that can be utilized in implementing programs that will prevent incidence of diseases and enhance lifestyle practices that enhance health and wellbeing. Having said this, it is noteworthy that the Health Center is a primary effort towards contributing to the attainment of the Emirate’s vision of fostering a healthy society in Abu Dhabi. 

The Abu Dhabi Public Health Center is established to fulfil numerous roles. First, the Center will operate in accordance with the needs of the workers through promoting the factors linked to preventive and public health. This Center’s personnel will be well trained in accordance with their specializations and provide quality healthcare that meets the anticipated needs of the Emirate’s population. Also, taking into account the fact that we are in the course of a pandemic, the establishment of the Health Center is timely because it will contribute towards developing response processes for epidemics, radiation and nuclear pollution, and infectious diseases. 

The Health Center also seeks to establish a training program that seeks to enhance the capacity-building processes in the field of public health and preventative health. This includes the integration of statistical techniques that will establish information that can be utilized in developing future healthcare plans. Such collection of information is crucial because it contributed to inform decision-making at all levels of management at the Healthcare Center which has significant implications on the service provision at the center. The information will also guide the healthcare intervention measures in understanding the areas where healthcare provision should be improved to cater for any emerging challenges in this sector. 

The significance of the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health cannot be overstated. The priority for the government aligns with that of the management of the Health Center which is to act together in the interests of the people of this Emirati. Hopefully, the collaboration that has started will be sustained towards setting health as a primary goal and prioritizing the wellbeing of the people through establishing strategic initiatives, plans and standards that will contribute towards better public health at the community level and extend to the global level.